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          The best free alternative to Microsoft Office.
          For Windows, Mac and Linux.

          Permanently free to use!
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          SoftMaker FreeOffice is free to use at home and for business.

          After using it, you will agree that it is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office.

          FreeOffice is a complete Office suite with a word processor, a spreadsheet application and a presentation program all compatible with their counterparts in Microsoft Office.

          What's the catch? There is none. Simply download it for free and use it for as long as you want. Millions of people use it every day and enjoy this great free Office suite.

          System requirements:
          • Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer
          • macOS 10.10 or higher
          • Any PC-based Linux (32 or 64 bits)
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          • "One of the best free productivity suites around. It's so easy to use, anyone familiar with Microsoft Office will be up and running in minutes." Read more

          • "FreeOffice works fantastically with files made and formatted in Microsoft Office. Its loss-free." Read more

          • "The best free alternative to Microsoft Office" Read more


          Create, edit, view, print and annotate PDF files with FreePDF, the best free PDF editor for Windows.

          Download FreePDF now for free.

          Go to getfreepdf.com
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